THE SUFFERCITY STORY is one of progress, transformation, and ultimately sustaining all of the above.

OUR FOUNDER, Jason France, is an elite trainer and performance coach who created SUFFERCITY to provide an environment that simulates the team-training conditions he experienced as a Marine Special Operations Raider.

After attending the world class mentorship program of the Athletes' Performance Institute in 2006 he helped develop the Performance + Resiliency Program for MARSOC that exists today, serving up to 1,500 Marine Raiders.

Jason served as the "go-to" guy for Marines, SEAL's, and Green Berets for all things related to boosting performance--nutrient inputs, training programming, sleep optimization, and performance enhancing supplementation--until his honorable discharge in November, 2012.

Once out of service and after several years of helping his clients improve their performance in fitness and in everyday life through his private practice, he constructed a training program to serve a larger population...and, SUFFERCITY was born.

WHY SUFFERCITY? We get that question a lot, and it's a reasonable question. But the answer is surprisingly simple..."You're already suffering. You're either already committed to a challenging program that threatens your comfort and infringes upon your limitations...or you're suffering the consequences of not." 

SUFFERCITY exists as a process in order to relieve suffering as a result. 



Jason France at Suffer City

JASONFRANCE is an ISSA certified fitness trainer (CFT), NASM certified personal trainer (CPT), EXOS certified performance coach, Spartan SGX Trainer, and former Marine Special Operator (Raider) who holds associated certifications in mindset coaching, nutrition, restorative methods, and advanced sports performance programming.

Jason is a speaker at the Annual NASM Optima Conference and is "THE" trainer other trainers go to for all things related to the field of performance training and coaching.

His coaching style is a brand of sophisticated intensity that draws on the best part of you during the most challenging of circumstances.


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DANIELLEMARTIN is a graduate from Arizona State University who is an NASM certified personal trainer (CPT) and Spartan SGX Trainer who is a certified CHOICES Performance Coach and holds an associated certification in nutrition.

Danielle is also an elite athlete with more than twenty Top 10 Spartan Elite Finishes and two Spartan Elite Podium Finishes; and she balances her coach/athlete life with that as a full-time mother of two young boys.

She brings both passion and intellect to her training sessions and coaches with an intensity that brings out the champion inside you. Danielle knows what it takes to get more of what you want; and so long as your willing to do what it takes, she will help get you where you want to go.

From the same training programming that prepares Marine Special Operators and Navy SEAL's to an educated and motivating coaching staff to a community of people committed to excellence, it's easy to see why SUFFERCITY is the best gym in Gilbert, Arizona.