Is Suffer City right for me?

Are you willing to discipline yourself and be held accountable to higher fitness standards? Do you have a healthy and able body? If so, then Suffer City is right for you. While Suffer City isn't for everyone it is the best training center for anyone willing to do what it takes to get more of what they want.

Will I do any running at Suffer City?

Yes. We use modern non-motorized, self-propelled treadmills that are safer and more effective than electric-powered machines. The Xebex Curved treaedmill provides a more realistic running experience while also reducing risk of injury.

Will someone help me with nutrition?

Our training staff deploys Strategy Programs to help you improve in each of the Four Pillars of Performance--Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. Schedule your Strategy Session today and get started on your process for the next level.

Do I have to wear a heart rate monitor?

To track performance during training sessions and progress over training cycles we encourage our Citizens to monitor heart rate in and out of the training center. While it's not mandatory, our research indicates that physique and performance improve at faster rates when HR is monitored during training.

Can I use my own HR monitor?

Any body worn device on THIS LIST may be worn during in-center training centers to monitor your HR. However, in order to track your training sessions through your Trainee Profile on the Suffer City app, a Suffer City HR monitor is required.