Our "Move" sessions present functional training on a whole new level. This session integrates compound movements with a high-intensity flare to increase stability, strength, endurance, and range of motion. Prepare for a heart-thumping good time!


Our "Lift" sessions provide a unique perspective on strength training. High weight loads, low reps, and extended recovery integrated with challenging movements designed to supercharge muscle gain and drop fat pounds.


Our "Sculpt" sessions will harden, shape, and tone your physique with low to moderate weight loads and high repetition interval training. Your heart will thump, your muscles will pump, and you'll feel you an unconventional muscle burn.


We believe in empowering minds to strengthen bodies in order to improve communities.

Being a Citizen of Suffer City means more than just being a member of a gym. We integrate challenge, camaraderie, and/or competition in every training session to boost your performance and sense of self.

Our elite trainers and coaches are world class teachers of movement who understand the science of motivation. They speak to the very best in you so that you can get the very best from you.

We understand that fitness isn't created or sustained through movement alone, which is why our Accountability Program goes with you everywhere; so you can stay connected to discipline and accountability in the service of achieving your goals.


Spartan State Farm Arizona


Do what you've always done and you'll get what you've always got. The time is NOW to commit to a program that ensures you'll never have another Day 1.