It Ain't About The Money.

My name is Jason France; and this is an opinion piece based on observation and research of what's been taking place the past two years. 

The last two-plus years has seen greater injection of money into the global economy than nearly a decade of financial stimuli combined; add that to the greatest concentration of wealth by few people and companies and then you start to think that it's "all about the money"--IT'S NOT. 

If you think it’s about “money”, you’re close; but money is really just a tool the “Elite” use to make the “Rich” feel like they’re doing a good job when they invest in the right “Politicians”. This is about Globalization, power, and control. 

Haven’t you noticed that when the opportunity arises to improve housing, enhance education, take action on climate change, or modernize health standards, there’s never enough money for the public good…

But when the “Rich” (defense contractors, pharmaceutical companies, banking institutions, media conglomerates, and tech pioneers) can profit from a 20-year war, dysfunctional health outcomes, and widespread panic about what’s next, then monetary policy bends the knee to fiscal “requirements” which we are told then are for our “health and safety”. 

In both war and health crises, uncanny amounts of monies are freed from federal oversight to serve “emergency use” authorizations for new weaponry, experimental drug commercialization, and societal-control methods. 

Even better; included in those released funds are advertising dollars which are directed to media companies to tell the story, called the narrative, which convinces you to get on board, join the team, or be left behind. 

Health care privacy invasion in the 90’s, the Patriot Act (all privacy invasion) in the 2000’s, and here in the 2020’s you don’t have to look far to see a 5-year old’s face covered by a parent who’s in support of a law mandating that your face is covered, too. 

In each case, “the Rich” get richer from your tax dollars directed to them by “the Politicians” who are in control by “the Elite”; and it’s “the Elite” who acquire more power through the purchase of politicians, who are happy to play along so that their next election is secured.

In this process, there’s one group of people left to account for things like National Debt, higher prices, more scarcity, more vulnerability, and less protection and care…

It’s people like you and me who end up with less rights, less liberty, and the responsibility for paying more taxes and higher prices all the while feeling like our neighbor is the enemy. 

And so long as you're afraid of your neighbor, then you'll continue to trust politicians, listen to the media, and be the type of consumer they need you to be.  

Wake up, Family…Wake up, America. This ain’t a Red | Blue issue…this is about the state of your health and what’s being done to restrict your ability and subdue your willingness to do anything about it. 

Educate & motivate your mind. Then move your body towards who you are to become in the service of an improved future.

To "Mandate Fitness" is to bring awareness to: 

a) The proactive measures you can take to improve your state of health and wellbeing

b) The need for systemic change at the level of the politician who can course correct our path through legislation FOR THE PEOPLE instead of FOR THE PROFIT. 

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