Is It Physical or Psychological

DISTINGUISHING BETWEEN PSYCHOLOGICAL AND PHYSICAL HUNGER --- Does your body need fuel or are you just psychologically hungry? This is a tough, yet necessary distinction you must be able to make if you're going to make food choices that help instead of hinder your progress over the long term.

The factors that separate physical hunger from psychological hunger may be different for different people, but here are:

  1. Triggered by sight or scent of food
  2. Accompanied by a need for expediency--quick food fix
  3. Can feel like a 'craving'
  4. Can be accompanied with an internal dialogue that psychologically 'rationalizes' the hunger

Most psychological hunger can be traced back to mental and/or emotional stress and can quickly be overcome through taking a brisk walk outside for 10 to 15 minutes or even by just standing up and doing 30 to 50 jumping jacks. Now, these are short-term tactics you can execute to defeat intermittent, psychological hunger cravings in the short-term; so, you'll have to do something that works toward diminishing the effects mental and/or emotional stress has on your physical behavior for the long-term.  --- Signals of Physical hunger:

  1. Growling stomach
  2. Easily irritable
  3. Physical fatigue (not tired, but fatigued)

It's worth noting that you may also feel this way if you're currently working sugar out of your nutrition. Sugar withdrawals can increase irritability and you'll feel fatigued while also battling the psychological craving. These symptoms often disappear after two to three weeks. Making these distinctions is useful not only for improving your nutrition, but for also improving self-awareness. This is a great start point for those of you ready for a nutrition and mindset upgrade. If you found this article useful then let us know with a comment. And remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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