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Stay Cool by Learning to Get Hot

Psychologists rarely do research on it anymore; but as MD John Ratey screams for 308 pages in his book "Spark", a physical fitness regime is one of the fundamental underpinnings of a psychologically balanced mind, or a mind that can 'stay cool' under pressure. 
Students who exercise do better on tests, on average. People who exercise get physically sick less often, on average. Teenagers who participate in physical activities and team sports report greater self-esteem and engagement. And athletes who practice mental techniques in addition to their physical training demonstrate far greater results than those who do not
Another way to look at it, those who expose themselves, volitionally, to external heat & pressure acquire a mind conditioned to stay cool. 
And, ask yourself this question: If you came to find out that your child's next teacher or the doctor who was going to perform your next surgery happened to workout at Suffer City three or more times a week, would that make no difference to how you felt about it or would you gain a cooler confidence about the situation? 
The fact is, we all desire a high level of competence and confidence FOR ourselves, but how often do we consider the benefit our health and fitness has to others?
Every day you contend with the heat & pressure of training, you construct yourself into a more competent and confident human from whom others receive better service and can benefit.
And this may sound like cupcakes and rainbows, but your ability to deliver great service to others on account of your competence and confidence helps people feel important, which also transfers hope to them. And this hope is a contagious feeling they will carry on to others. 
And this hope says nothing other than "you can do it...You can take the first step. You can feel the pressure. You can endure the heat. And you can learn to stay cool and be the cooler, more competent, and more confident version of yourself." 
So, continue to expose yourself to the heat and pressure of life in a willing manner so that your internal heat can turn into a flame which sparks the beginnings of someone else's transformation. 
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Israeli lawyer Moshe Strugano, 50, was a busy man

And this hope simply states that “You can complete it.
You can start by doing so.
The tension is palpable.
The heat won’t get to you.
Additionally, you can develop the calmer, more capable, and self-assured version of yourself.”

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