The "Murph" Workout and 4 Tips for a Successful Completion

The "Murph" Workout

  1. Run 1 Mile

  2. Pull Ups x 100

  3. Push Ups x 200

  4. Air Squat x 300

  5. Run 1 Mile

RX: Use weight vest (Males 20lb, Females 14lb). Complete 1-mile run then ALL 100 Pull Ups, all 200 Push Ups, then all 300 Air Squats (Chipper style). Complete a second 1-mile run to finish.
Scaled 1: No vest and/or partition your reps in either a:
  • 5-10-15 manner for 20 rounds (Pull Up x 5, Push Up x 10, Squat x 15) or...
  • 5-5-5-15 manner for 20 rounds (Push Up x 5, Pull Up x 5, Push Up x 5, Squat x 15).
Either of these scaled versions will be challenging, yet provide you with a framework of a strategy within which to successfully complete the workout.
Scaled 2: No vest, use a partitioned strategy, and use a band for your Pull Ups and complete Push Ups on your knees.
Other Options: There are numerous methods to scale for "Murph". For instance, anyone experiencing restrictions that keep them from running, you may complete your run portion on an Air Bike, Rower, or Ski Erg for 110 calories.
For anyone experiencing any restrictions keeping them from extended-duration activities (like you've just begun a training program for the first time), you may complete a Half-Murph, which is exactly what it sounds like--half-mile in with half of all the reps and a half-mile out.
Remember, this challenge is all about the spirit of "not giving up" and proceeding through adversity with a positive mental attitude.
This workout will kick your butt, no matter your fitness level; so go out with a Community and honor that spirit while paying tribute to Lt. Michael Murphy, his SEAL Team, and so many other who've given all they got in the face of insurmountable odds.

4 Tips for a Successful "Murph" Completion

1. You Do You: Select your course of work smartly. Other than proving to yourself that you can finish, there's nothing you need to prove to anyone else. If you need help with which option--RX or scaled--then ask your Coach. 
2. Slow To Smooth. Smooth To Fast: "Murph" isn't completed by being the first one done with the first mile; and by trying to be the first one done with the first mile you could find yourself being either the last one done or without a completed finish at all. Especially if it's your first go at "Murph", start slow, find a smooth rhythm, and finish fast. Don't start fast. 
3. Pace Your Reps: Physical limitations, as physics teaches us, are real. And as it relates to your body, if you breach muscular threshold points by trying to do too many pull ups or push ups in a row then you could find yourself in a "one-rep-at-a-time" situation. Take the movements and reps seriously by pacing yourself so as not to go beyond your muscular threshold or reaching failure. And if you reach failure, apply Tip #4...
4. Never Give Up: "Murph" is a daunting course of work, no matter the option you choose to execute. You will want to slow down, stop, and even give up...DON'T! By continually harnessing this "never give up" attitude and pushing forth in spite of adversity, you will eventually achieve your greatest goals. 

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