This Happens to Enough People

"If I just don't quit...I know I'll make it if I just don't quit."

I remember the moment I said this to myself...As the second day of pre-BRC (Basic Reconnaissance Course) started I was lacing up my boots in preparation for the morning slay-fest on the basketball court at Camp Margarita. My body nearly immobile from the day prior, in which almost a quarter of our class had quit.

For starters, pre-BRC was designed to be misreable and filter out anyone who would flounder under the pressures at the long course of Basic Reconnaissance Course. So every training day was constructed from the most nefarious aspects of our cadre's minds.

As I jogged my freshly-laced boots out onto the basketball court on a cold January morning I didn't care about being the best or even being good. I committed to one thing...and that was to not matter what...just don't quit.

It was the first time in my life I had felt that certain about myself. I knew I didn't want to go back to my old conventional unit...and what I envisioned for myself in the future as a Reconnaissance Marine generated a strong motivation. And so, I committed to myself in a matter of an instant--I will not quit.

The following three weeks were triple-layered in all styles of unfortunate suffering. Freezing cold water training on the daily...gratuitous amounts of running with a glorious sandbag (40-lb) strapped to my back...laughable suffering in the 'hurt locker' with rifle PT...and it wouldn't be pre-BRC without a fucking telephone pole to carry up Margarita Peak during classroom "breaks".

Many a good man perished during those three weeks of hell...and they will forever tell the story about how they almost became a Recon Marine or they could have if they didn't quit on this day or that.

Don't be an "almost" or a "could have". That happens to enough people.

Outlive whatever suffering you're contending with as a result of hunting down your goal. And stop complaining. We all have to jump into cold water sometimes...we all have a heavy load bearing upon our shoulders...and we all have someone trying to make our life more difficult than it already is. And that's okay...

It just means you gotta get creative, take action...and do not quit!!! You never know how close you are to achieving your goal...just keep going.


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