Hopefully You Learn This Before I Did

Few things are as complex as the positive transformation of a human self. 

Your body, in combination with your mind, is an incredibly sophisticated instrument; but what, exactly, does it play? 

Well, of course, it plays the song of your life through the decisions you make with your mind and the actions you take with your body, which support those decisions. 

But when the music doesn’t sound good, how many of us take a look at ourselves and adjust our tuning? How many of us get help on actually playing the instrument we’re in possession of? 

Better question: If you sat down for a guitar concerto and the guitarist on stage played an out-of-tune guitar while displaying no skill on the instrument, would you stay for the entire show? 

Furthermore, how would you respond if the guitarist were to stop, acknowledge how bad the sound was, and then instead of fixing the problem–the out-of-tune guitar and horrible skill–they suggested that the auditorium and the audience were the problem? 

Unfortunately, this is what most people do. 

In our modern world, when people don’t like what they’re getting from themselves, similar to the guitarist described above, they will blame others and change their environment. Or they could get frustrated with their mind & body, the instrument, and feel cheated because they think other people were just given a better one. 

Or, in some cases–using the guitar metaphor–people will buy new synthetic effects or new amplifiers to mask the bad tuning and poor skill. But, as it always does, the bad tuning and poor skill emerges through the layers of facade to reveal the truth–which is that sometimes…people just need help. 

Some of us need help with nurturing lasting relationships. Some of us need help organizing our finances. Some of us need help down the stairs. And some of us need help getting the most from this wonderfully-designed and intimidatingly-sophisticated instrument–the human mind-body system. 

And, if that’s you, then I’d like to help. 

My name is Jason, and I’ve been on an intentional mission to better understand myself and the human system for over 20 years. 

My relationship with my body started when I began playing baseball at eight years old. But it was the neglect of my mind that kept my body from performing at full potential. 

I had the talent and the skill to be great. In fact, I was drafted to play professionally out of high school. But I lacked the mental skill of making decisions and the emotional skill of discipline to follow through on my decisions. 

I fell back on playing music, which guided me out of my comfort zone mentally. But I soon found I lacked the emotional fortitude to sustain through the deep adversity that being a musician presents. 

Hours of individual study and practice coupled with auditions, rehearsal, and then gigging late nights wore me down. I couldn’t make sense of the despair I went to sleep with each night, and soon enough, I once again decided to change auditoriums and change my audience. 

However, my next auditorium was the Marine Corps; and my next audience was Drill Instructors which were followed by one savage Marine mentor after the next through nearly 10 years of special operations service, four combat deployments, over 250 gunfights, and all the adversity one could ask for in life. 

It turned out that the Marines was a place where I couldn’t blame the audience, and I was committed to at least four years in the same auditorium. The only option to change any sound I didn’t like was to tune my mind & body and improve how I played. 

Lucky for me, while I was in the Marines my unit, Marine Raider Battalion, sent me to numerous schools and institutes to learn about–you guessed it–the human body and how to optimize its performance–or, in other words, how to make it sound really good when I played it.

It turns out, the principles and fundamentals for tuning a guitar and making it sound great aren’t very different from doing the same thing for your body & mind. 

Now as you know, life, along with our human systems are complex; but so long as you learn to tune your mind & body and so long as you’re willing to improve your skill then you can still play beautiful music. 

And, I can help you with that process and even accelerate it for you. When you’re ready, contact me and let’s get started.

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