You've Gone Militant, And Didn't Even Know It

You're Deeply Involved In A War You Likely Don't Know Is Being Waged In This Moment


To begin, it's relevant to share with you how I've come to this "bottom line up front" (BLUF).

Now, I will spare you any details about my personal life, as any personal information about me is relevant only insofar as it relates to what I know and how I know it...because, that's my intent with this literature:

To present information that I've come to know as "actionable intelligence" which I believe is relevant to what you choose to pay attention to and work toward (a.k.a., invest energy in) during the time you have in this life.

In other words, I believe this is one of the most important things I can share with you.

And, to be clear, my aim with this BLUF is to dispense information that you'll find compelling enough so as to re-organize your daily and weekly activities in a paradigm-shifting manner. It's my intention to provide you with "actionable intelligence".

If you prefer to skip the first course of this meal and dive right into the juicy stuff then advance to "3.0 BLUF". The "2.0" is a look into how I've become aware of the information provided in the BLUF along with a quick intro to the scientific discoveries that have served as an accelerant for this modern day World War.

However; if you trust my research and ambition for sifting truth out of the mountain of wreckage that is today's news & information then you won't lose sleep by skipping the content in "2.0 'Actionable Intelligence' And Other Relevant Terms'.

Either way, enjoy and remember:

"Nature is not kind to those creatures lacking awareness." -- Moshe Feldenkrais


2.1 Intelligence Terms

I'd like to introduce you to several military or, more specifically, intelligence community terms, two of which you've already encountered--BLUF and actionable intelligence.

The reason for the quick tutorial on intelligence-based terms is because what we are currently experiencing is best described--from my perspective--as a set of military or intelligence operations being played out directly in front of all our eyes (O’Neil, 2016) CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO CITATION.

Let's get started...

2.2 Bottom Line Up Front

The BLUF is an acronym for "bottom line up front". BLUF's are the summary or abstract of a large-scale, multi-agency report and they generally lead-off an intelligence briefing or intel report given to an operational commander making decisions that affect a "battle space".

From a lieutenant commanding troops on the ground in Fallujah to the President issuing sanctions onto another nation, each day they read an intel report that begins with a BLUF.

BLUF's give decision-makers A LOT of information without giving ALL the information. In fact, even the full reports that follow BLUF's don't have ALL the information. That's because no one has ALL the information, nor does anyone have access to ALL the information.

Due to the impossible-to-even-imagine amount of intel circulating through the intelligence community in cooperation with the "compartmentalization" of intel, I'd go so far as to say that it isn't possible to have access to ALL the information.

Now, you can look at this BLUF as the 'tip of the tip' of the iceberg in terms of information regarding the topic I am aiming to describe with this write-up.

Whereas a more in-depth full report on this topic could fill a large book, it would still only provide a peak into shallow waters of a very deep-running glacier.

To be as honest as I can be, even attempting an assembly of a full scope and scale description of what is "actually" happening in this hyper-fast, in-flux continuum of global events would result in an assignment handed in long after its information could be leveraged for anyone's benefit.

From where I sit, there are too many players with too many objectives exercising too many tools in the service of too many objectives to construct a model even closely resembling the actual territory we navigate each day; which also makes it difficult, perhaps impossible, to wage any type of unilateral conspiracy theory put on offer as useful information around which to organize your life--it's not!

We do live in a new, advanced, and more terrifying world than anyone ever could have imagined; but it is well within your ability to secure and prepare the sovereignty of your mind in the war you're involved in.

And so, what I am about to say next is perhaps one of the most important points stated in this entire body of literature, so write it down or something...

2.3 Energy & Information

In the most basic, fundamental, and REAL explanation of our physical reality, you can consider your entire existence (that means everything that you are—mind and body) is constructed of energy and information interacting with the field (Benioff, 1982). LINK TO CITATION HERE

This is not mystic, metaphysical woo woo; this is the reality of our physical universe as told to us by the greatest math and physics minds in history—and without going too deep down the rabbit whole…much of what our modern quantum theorists and cosmologists utter does sound a lot like the utterances of ancient sages, gurus, and contemplatives in terms of “origins of universal life” or consciousness. Anyhow…

Do you need to understand physics to understand this BLUF? Not at all; however, it’s important that you do understand and are able to wrap your mind around the fact that, “AT THE MOST BASIC LEVEL…EVERYTHING YOU SEE, HEAR, TOUCH, SMELL, TASTE, AND SENSE IS PURE ENERGY AND INFORMATION(Carroll, 2005).

If you didn't know, your brain is a near-magical (emphasis on near) processing unit that detects information from your environment, like the sound of chirping birds or your favorite song...or the sight of a pretty sunset...even the smell of a freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie; your brain uses your body (ears, eyes, nose, etc.) to detect physical signals transmitted from people and things around you (Mercier, 2015). LINK TO CITATION HERE

Now, if this sounds overly parochial or trite then I thank you for your patience; because too often we forget how mechanical the processes are that link the chain from environmental signals transmitting all around us to our brains detecting then processing that information to the moment at which the experience of that information emerges within your conscious field of mind-body awareness...there is a connected link of information that flows from a flashing light high above in the sky to physical events occurring inside your body.

And, as this energy and information is processed through your mind-brain, it can form itself into the physical fiber of who and what you are .

(Vasant 2010, Dispenza 2016, Chopra 2008, Siegel 2018)

Now, it’s worth realizing that all day you are interacting with energy and information; and in 2020 MOST information is absorbed through the portal of handheld mobile devices, and before I describe, in detail, how this information is constructed so that:



…You’ll want to write down these three (3) questions and keep them close by until you memorize them and they naturally scroll through your thinking without you actively having to recall them:

2.4 Three (3) Questions To Ask Yourself When Absorbing Information

  1. Is this information relevant to your daily objectives?
  2. Is this information clear AND concise enough to be reputable?
  3. If answer to 1 is 'NO' then move on immediately; if answer to 1 is 'YES' but 'NO' to 2 then determine the 'VALUE' of the information in relationship to 'how valuable it is to your daily objectives' and investigate it to its truth to the level you 'VALUE' it? (Not every headline needs a Phd-level investigative inquiry.)

Become intimately in-touch with these questions and even practice forming answers to them throughout your day when you notice yourself paying attention to “anything”; from a car passing by you to your best friend’s post…what answers to the three questions above would you give to what you’re paying attention to?

The first two questions address the utility of the information in association with what your daily objectives are. If you have any daily goals in mind (which you MUST) then 99% of the information you interact with is entirely useless to you, as it likely pertains to someone else's. This is a fact of life!

And the goal with training your mind to ignore useless shit is two-fold: 1) less time wasting your life and 2) more energy on enriching your life.

If you do value the information as relevant, but it's not clear and/or concise; you must place a value on the relevance of the information before investigating further. This three- to five-second process can save you four to six hours a week in wasted time--that's nearly a whole day a month, or up to 12 days a year wasted on scrolling and clicking useless information.

It used to be such that you could scroll through any social media feed (much like walking down most streets in your home town) and interact with information that was as true as it needed to be. Yeah, people highlighted the highlighted moments of their lives in their posts, but at least you were seeing people with whom you were familiar making fun of themselves by way of the internet.

But, it appears that over the past nine (9) months, the frequency and intensity (keep these terms in mind) of information being provided has become increasingly “weaponized”.

2.5 Weaponized

This is a term used to describe any system, biological or other, that is conceptualized, manufactured, and deployed as agents invested in the destruction of property and/or person.

Computer code won't penetrate your body and bleed you out like a bullet will and the computational neuroscientists writing the code likely aren't trying to control your mind; BUT...

When certain technologies are advanced by people cursed with the joined tendencies of impure agendas and high ambition, computer code can be weaponized, and people untrained to the methods can have their minds hacked to not only be victims of war but also to be the perpetrators.

Now, I want to tell you all about how weaponized information is being used, perhaps not against you, but definitely on you; and I want to share all the names and reveal all the tools and strategies being deployed to transform you into a modern day warrior...but, before we get into all that, it’s critical that you understand the nature of “actionable intelligence”.


Ramadi, Iraq (2005)

"Your CO needs to know about this immediately. This is highly actionable."

It was 2005 and I was a lance corporal hearing those words come through the other end of the radio while on post duty in a make-shift operations center in a school that my company, Charlie Co. 1st Bat/5th Mar, was fortifying in the middle of Ramadi, Iraq in preparation for a thirty-day operation...

"Roger that. Copy. Wait one." I basically repeated what I said a hundred times before that on radio call responses; but I was intrigued when I said it this time. That phrase, "this is highly actionable", stuck in my head.

It was like the voice on the other end knew that I should know what that meant. I didn't; but it sounded serious. In fact, I knew it was serious because the voice that said those words told me who he was before saying those words. He started with…

"My name is Tom...I'm with task-force ### (unit ID withheld) ...I'm embedded with a militant al Qaeda outfit nearby that school...and I was asked to drive a vehicle-born explosive device into it...Your CO needs to know about this immediately. This is highly actionable".

While that is a paraphrased account of that conversation, I do remember it with absolute clarity...and how calm and casual the conveyor of this information was, and that he used his first name, which was unconventional to my freshly-Marine'd mind at that time.

Also, I had some knowledge about what the task-force he referred to did and how it was organized mostly of Tier-1, multi-national special operators and members of various three-letter agencies (CIA, NSA, MI6, etc.).

The fact is, this conversation is why I joined the military. I had always suspected that guys like this existed…highly-trained, counter-intelligence operatives who lived inside the stories we all read about and watch on movie screens. And the thing that hit me hardest in that conversation was how he used that term “actionable”.  

As I came to find out afterward through inquiry and then through the subsequent eight years of special operations activities, myself, actionable intelligence is "bottom line" information that is accurate to the point of being worth executing a conceived course of action when you’re presented with it.

While it is accurate and worth acting on, it is not 100 percent precise. As I mentioned above; no one individual or any one organization is all knowing...everyone is making decisions on assumptions, predictions, and wish-making to one degree or another.

The goal with a useful BLUF, however, is to generate as accurate a "model" or representation of a situation as fast as possible in order to map out the best way forward in times when action is imminent.

And so, here's my BLUF, which I hope proves to be actionable intelligence for you.

If I've hit my target with this piece of literature then you'll be alarmed to the reality of what appears to be the situation in which we’re all immersed--even the "they's" and the "them's"; and the people you think are pulling all the strings...they're in this with us, too.

My aim isn’t only to give cause for alarm; it's also to provide a set of tools you can use to keep your mind secure and prepared..

As I said, this is "actionable intelligence", not just information. It’s not intended to be “good” news or “bad” news. It is, however; the closest representation I can provide to what appears to be going on in the world we’re currently living. 

3.0 BLUF: You Are Involved In A Socially Engineered War

3.1 This is Demis Hassabis.

He is the chief executive of a not-so-well-known subsidiary of Alphabet (parent company of Google), called DeepMind.
Demis Hassabis, CEO of DeepMind

Neither Alphabet or Google talk much about DeepMind. Now, they don’t keep DeepMind hidden from the public, or anything; but the innovations Hassabis and his team are targeting could open the door for the next leap in what it means to be “human”.

This technology will do for humanity well-beyond what electricity or the internet has done. Just watch the short video. Either by what he says, or simply by how smart he sounds, you’ll be blown away by what he believes is possible with his billion dollar company.

And so, it appears interesting to me, at least, that Google and Alphabet don’t generate a bigger buzz around a technology that can transform human life as we know beyond what we can even imagine.

In fact, at a recent investor conference for Morgan Stanley, Ruth Porat (Alphabet and Google, CFO) doesn't mention DeepMind one time in over nine pages of transcript; but when describing Google's vision for the future, she states, "it's about deep technology, deep science. Where is this market going? And our view, our thesis is that ambient computing is what we're all expecting."


And what is "ambient computing"? It's the next phase of technology being developed in the labs at DeepMind. Again, I'm not certain why; but to build your entire vision around a technology from a company you're not excited to name is interesting to me. We will get deeper into why this is later, but now, back to Hassabis...

What’s fascinating about Hassabis is that he’s a PhD computer scientist as well as a PhD neuro-scientist; and while that is a fascinating set of doctorates, this double doctorate—the computer + neuroscience double doctorate—is becoming the standard for techies who want to become players in the artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtual reality industries.

3.2 Computer Code to Psychological Experience

As it turns out, blending computer science with neuroscience allows programmers to write code that produces specific neural responses in brains, which has a direct impact on neurology, a secondary impact on psychology, a tertiary impact on behavior followed by a rippling of impacts which result from the behavior expression--this is part of the field of computational neuroscience (Gurney, 2009).

Let's take a look at how this works with a simpler example.

3.2.1 The Slot Machine Example

Every slot machine is programmed with a computational rhythm, called an algorithm. And they are coded to “win” on a varied “schedule”, called a “reward schedule”. It so happens that these “reward schedules” are constructed from psychological data that explain the processes and patterns by which humans make decisions or choose how to act (Harrington, 2011).

In the case of a slot machine, the programmer designs an algorithm that rewards the “user” at the right times, called the frequency, in the right amounts, called intensity, so that they continue to pull the lever (behavior impact) over a long duration of time.

This is all in the service to generate the outcome desired as stated by the programmer during the programming process. It appears the point is to keep the human’s intrigue with small “wins” or even “near-wins” to produce just enough of a dopamine hit so they the human decides to make that next pull.

Even with this knowledge of how the brain-mind works and with the public knowledge of programmers using this information to generate reward schedules of slot machines which then activate as specific psychological responses in the brain as possible in order to animate as specific physical actions from the “human” as, me, and anyone of age can walk into a casino play that game.

Now, this is legal and these tactics are able to be deployed in the service of your own individual right to make sovereign individual choices about whether or not to engage with these programs.

It’s similar to how you know McDonald’s is “bad” or unhealthy, but should there be laws that keep you from enjoying a McGriddle on a Sunday morning if that’s what you want to do? (asking for a friend)

However; in the tactile world of things and this world where you can taste the nectar of the fruit you bite into...we have distinct rules, laws, and a justice system that does its best to ensure that when you or I walk into a McDonald's that we are actually walking into a McDonald's...or when you go see an important figure speak or perform, you're actually witnessing what you appear to witnessing...

On this new landscape...the one one which your a combatant...these rules don't exist, nor do the laws. And any attempt to script them or generate a generally accepted form of interacting on this new landscape is an accelerant toward a globalized, central authority.

[NOTE] Is this “right” or is this “wrong”? That’s not what any my script here is about. My input on the moral high road is about as effective as rolling a bowling ball onto a chess board as your next chess move. I’ll let you decide right from wrong for yourself and provide the best information I can to help you out.

3.3 Let’s Hear From One Of The Architects Of These Systems

This is Tristan Harris. He was a Stanford classmate of Instagram founder, Kevin Systrom, he also created his own app that Google bought, which is where Tristan worked on perfecting Google’s “Inbox”. Here is Triston on the psychologically persuasive strategies deployed by software engineers.

So, thus far, we’ve covered intelligence terms, quantum physics, neuroscience, and computational neuroscience, or “the relationship between programmed computer code and psychological experience”...

What does any of this have to do with a Socially Engineered War of which I am a participant?

3.3.1 Let’s Get Back To Demis, And Others Like Him

As you’ve already learned, Demis is one of many new age computer programmer/neuroscientists who aims to affect brain activity through written computer code. Now, before going too far down what could look like a dark road, I must dive more deeply in here so as not to sound like “mind-control” is the only aim of these people and/or organizations.

3.3.2 The "Intended" Role Of Computational Neuroscience Tomorrow

The results from this modern scientific field can profoundly impact areas from health care to space travel in incredibly positive ways. From curing age-old illnesses with nano-bots that are injected into your bloodstream to storing memories of loved ones onto a neural hard drive for virtually relived experiences, the technology that emerges from these cutting-edge fields could transform life as we know it.

With that said, we could almost compare most of these computational neuroscientists and those innovating AI and quantum technologies with the set of physicists aiming to split the atom around the turn of the twentieth century. (There are differences among scientific minds in early twentieth century compared to today’s, though they’re not worth getting into here)

We could use Einstein as an example. It wasn’t Einstein’s intention to construct an atom bomb when he pondered the activity of sub-atomic particles. He wanted to innovate physics and discover a deeper truth.

It just turned out that one of the tools immediately constructed from his science was the most powerful weapon ever deployed—perhaps until now.

From my perspective, I am forced to give the innovators the benefit of the doubt here. The people working inside the labs to crack the code and advance our species into the future are likely considering "the best" of what their technology could offer the world.

But, there are fucktards out there who will stop at nothing and leverage anything to get what they want--even if the effects on the social heartbeat are devastating.

Let's take a look at how computational neuroscience is actually being used and examine the role you could be playing in the global war currently being waged.

3.3.3 The Actual Role Of Computational Neuroscience Today

And so, we’ve identified how the programming of computer software applications can have predictable and specific effects on human systems in terms of engineering behaviors. We’ve also gained an understanding for how with the higher the frequency and the greater the intensity, the more predictable and specific the behavioral effects they produce.

Let’s walk through the various levels of how these tools could, or perhaps even are deployed as weapons today:

2018 - According to a statement by Daniel Slotwiner, director of Facebook Advertising Research:

“A behavior of users are measured with the help of an eye-tracking device, galvanic skin response (GSR), heart rate and facial expressions. The fact that user-oriented research is being used instead of more traditional methods like questionnaires, focus groups and face to face meetings shows that neuroscience is now becoming the preferred method of analyses in the new media.” LINK TO CONTENT HERE

Mr. Slotwiner is explaining how the camera on your mobile device records your eye movement and dilation patterns along with how flush your skin gets (galvanic response) as well as how your face contorts, and if you have a wearable bio-tracker then they can collect all that information, too; then use it to create a more "personalized" social media experience (Pirolli, 2007). LINK TO CONTENT HERE

This information is stored with God knows how much other data, which is constantly “mined” by artificially intelligent systems. These AI systems recognize behavior patterns within the fuck-ton of data it processes and can even determine what information, exactly, caused the behavior patterns it recognizes so that it can reproduce it to effect.

You will see, first hand, how this information goes from content to behavior in a video below; but let's get more scientific insight from the brilliant minds who actually do this work:

2019 - In his article published in the Int’l Journal of Interactive Media & Artificial Intelligence Dr. Jan Lies describes the, perhaps unintended, shift in “how” our technology is being used:

Dr. Jan Lies

“It will be shown that digital marketing undergoes a shift from digital technologies to social engineering practices and vice versa.” LINK TO ARTICLE HERE

Dr. Lies outlines the variables being leveraged by media companies to engineer behavior.

2018 - This published article by Hal Berghal, professor of computer science at UNLV, highlights pointed examples of these technologies being deployed in “weaponized” fashion—most succinctly by cited author Cathy O’Neil, from her book “Weapons of Math Destruction”:

Hal Berghal

“…the Internet and social media have “profoundly changed the landscape of propaganda” in three ways. First, the removal of geographical barriers puts international propaganda in the hands of everyone with an Internet connection. Second, anonymity obscures the sources and subverts attempts to verify. Third, automation adds incredible efficiency to misinformation messaging.” LINK TO ARTICLE HERE

Dr. Berghal provides an extensive and comprehensive perspective on how these innovations are currently being evolved in what appear to be self-defeating methods en mass.

Now, if scientifically accredited, peer-reviewed, and heavily-scrutinized investigatory research by non-partisan, in-the-trenches scientists isn’t your thing then here it is from the people who are aren't exactly the scientists, but are the ones using this tech and evolving it for their own gain…

2017 - All be it too late, several former-execs of the Facebook have spoken out about how effective these tools are as well as how, potentially, out of control they’ve become. And, even if they’re "coming clean" only to promote their new tech ventures, let’s hear what they have to say:

“The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops that we have created are destroying how society works.” -Chamath Palihapitiya (2017)

“You’re exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology. The [creators] understood this, consciously…and we did it anyway.”
-Sean Parker (2017)

So, perhaps now you can see how a great technological advancement, designed for improving the quality of life and bringing people together can be used for the exact opposite reasons.

Now, if you are still not convinced that this is happening, or perhaps you think there’s no way a social media post or piece of information could persuade you to think, believe, or act in a certain way, then please, allow me to provide one more piece of evidence.

It's my obligation to introduce you to Alexander Nix.

3.3.4 Alexander Nix and Cambridge Analytica

Before I provide my meta-analysis on his and others’ methods of deploying intelligently constructed intel and counter-intel operations to activate social media users into ideological combatants, I will let Mr. Nix explain for himself exactly how his team of computational neuroscientists affect your thinking, believing, and acting. I’d hate to mis-characterize his entire operation…

This is an 11-minute video that will likely leave your jaw on the floor:

So, there’s Alexander Nix’s and Cambridge Analytica’s system for deploying persuasive strategies into not just the minds, but also into the hands of people like you and me. And if you watched the video then you’ll see the first comment on the video:

“I don’t get it, why are they confessing? Oh, they’re not confessing…they’re bragging.” - Mark Baum, The Big Short (Movie, 2015)

I challenge you to watch this and then re-run through your mind the 2016 election and not be momentarily paralyzed by what you realize.

3.4 Do I Make Sense, So Far?

Let me reiterate, I’m not here to determine the “goodness” or “badness” of the tactics on deployment by these multi-national organizations at this moment.

However; my one goal, thus far, has been to sensitize you to what is, in fact, a war being played out in front of you every day…a war that you may even participate in from time to time.

Before I walk you through the step-by-step process of how a socially engineered mission is planned, organized, and executed using you as the point man on an assault, let me ask again; do I make sense, so far?

We’ve covered the nature of reality as energy and information. We dived into quantum computing and how modern programs can specifically target people with ads constructed to persuade them to take a particular action.

We heard from both, the lab coat scientists who hack the human brain to construct computer code, which is then used to hack the human brain; and we also heard from the fucktards who deploy these technologies for their own personally exclusive gain.

And now, let's talk about your role in this war.

4.0 How To Socially Engineer An Outcome

4.1 Chaos Or Order?

It's not difficult to identify the forces between which you'll find yourself while navigating your way online--Facebook, Instagram...even Amazon is grounds on which this war is fought (Zakaria, 2017)

Chaos and order are two forces as fundamental to your existence as your brain is. In fact, it appears your brain has been formed to makes sense of these two opposing forces simultaneously (Peterson, 2002).

And, everyday we see these two forces compete for your attention, and eventually, dictate your actions--whether it's your vote cast at the ballot, your 'like' or 'comment' on a post, or perhaps your 'share' of that inflammatory post...your action is their goal.

So, that is the "THEY", one side for chaos and one side for order. And while it is that easy, it's not that easy. For starters, chaos isn't just about "chaos" has more to do with breaking down the rigid structures that bring about too much order.

4.2 What's Wrong With Too Much Order?

At the risk of touching upon taboo subjects; we don't have to look too far into our past to see what emerges with too much order...

We get Hitler and Nazi Germany subjugating the world to an idea of a single-ordered race of human. The History Channel on your cable network relentlessly reminds us of how and when order can go too far.

Countless volumes of literature, university level classes, hundreds of Hollywood depictions, and non-stop digitally-remastered footage on cable television are all dedicated to reminding us away from too much order.

You could also view extreme religious organizations like ISIS, Westboro Baptist Church, and fringe militia organizations as representations for when the idea of "order" goes too far.

But, as in each of these cases, society takes a stand against the spread of these ideas, even if by force, as the ideas lack merit and have proven unsustainable for improving the quality of life for the greatest amount of people. We see where these ideas go, and they don't go far.

4.3 So...If Not Hitler, Then Chaos?

Now, this is the idea you could find yourself contemplating if you spend enough time on the internet. In current media broadcasts, "order", is being presented as Hitler-arian white nationalist jingoism--often referred to as the alt-right.

And so, if you view the current order of things through this presented prism of ideas then it makes sense to move as far away from that as possible.

And after all, chaos isn't ALL chaos. Chaos can be sexy because of it's unknown, uncertain, and mysterious properties.

The truth is, we're all attracted to chaos in some form. Music, art, and fantastic physical performances...these all live on the edge of chaos. Even the idea of saying "Fuck It! Let's See What Happens" just feels good some times, right?

And especially if you started to feel boxed-in, overly square, and predictable...then a little chaos may be attractive...

But when does the journey into chaos go too far? We've already made a distinct example of when order threatens humanity and goes too far.

But, where can we look and see such clear lines that tell us how far into chaos is too far?

4.4 "Perhaps We've Gone Too Far"

It's reported that Jim Morrison (The Doors, 1967) said those words at some point during a long hallucination deep in the California desert. How did he know that he and his mates had gone "too far"?

Was it too far in mind? Is it about going so deep into the chaos that nothing makes sense?

Or was he referring to simply being lost in the desert? Did he reach a physical point of "too far" where it was clear that "the other way" was more advantageous?

This Morrison reference is a simple way of trying to identify the line that marks "too far" into chaos; but we also have stories from history that give us real examples.

Lenin, Stalin, and subsequent Soviet leaders weren't short on their efforts to institutionalize their ideal constructs in support of a more perfect union...

And 70 years and 40 to 60 million dead bodies later (depending on who's counting), either by famine or death squad killings, we may get an idea of what exists deep in the bowels of chaos when we're unprepared for it (Rummel, 2011).

"Well, that wasn't the kind of "chaos" I'm talking about," shout modern intellectuals who pontificate on these loose ideas. Our friend, Mao Zedong, took a long shot at the same Utopian concepts in China for 30 years; and how'd that turn out?

Estimates of China's descent into chaos generally collapse upon 40 million as the number of dead bodies counted,and that was in just four years, 1958 to 1962, due to progressive policies (Great Leap Forward) designed to create Utopia for the people of China.

But still, it's suggested, "That's not going too far, that is just using the wrong tactics", as Noam Chomsky explains.

Chomsky, a long time intellectual leader on liberal ideas doesn't believe there's a "too far" into chaos we could go; he just thinks you have to use the right methods and strategies for getting there.

And the reality is, as scary and uncertain as it sounds, he's right. The only way forward is deeper into the unknown...deeper into the chaos; that's what our brains are constructed to do.

And this is something that smart people with incredibly differing perspectives agree upon: we are marching into the future no matter what, how we proceed with determine our fate.

But, like we've established, your brain is constructed to look under rocks and into dark places to seek out truth; so, what happens in the new world where nefarious fucktards construct faulty, dis-information already determined by thorough neuro-psychological evaluation to grab your attention and then activate your mind-body system to act in ways you'd simply otherwise not?

Let's take a look.

5.0 Remember, Your Brain Is What This Is All About

Your brain is constructed to go on journey's into the unknown, but being a sovereign human individual; it's our own responsibility to choose which journeys to go on , and at least have a shot at walking the path down which we think we're walking (U.S. Constitution, 1776).

But, instead, you get stopped by a piece of information that was carefully assembled to speak to a special place in your heart and mind as deduced by unyielding intelligent machines who've been sifting through and examining every bit of information you've interacted with in decades of online activity...

Even more intriguing is that this piece of information is something you've already been hearing, thinking, and/or talking about recently...and this information gives your body the energy to click the button to read more or watch the "HORRIFYING" video which further hardens your suspicion all along.

And, if that wasn't enough, there's the underlying suggestion that if you don't pay attention to this information then you're someone who doesn't care about other people or that you may be left out of a secret. The psycho-emotional system of guilt, shame, and loneliness is easily activated in humans; so you "click" the button.

Five or ten minutes later...maybe an hour, who knows; but some time has passed during which you were mostly unconscious, diving down a rabbit hole of information high in intensity factor, but low in informational factor. And the greater the intensity of the information, the more effective it is at delivering those neurological charges we've been describing...

And from one day to the next, from one mindless, not-so-big-a-deal moment to the next...your brain absorbs this information in higher and higher FREQUENCY as well as with greater and greater INTENSITY...

And this starts to form new neuro-physiological pathways and fire new electro-chemical transmissions in your brain in response to the information you're absorbing.

These pathways and transmissions reverberate throughout your body's complex network of gastro-intestinal, digestive, immune, endocrine, musculoskeletal, and other system processes which are all interlinked together.

This means that everything from the visual cortex in your brain to the microbiome in your gut and even the hormones flowing through your blood is carrying energy transmitted through the information with which you're interacting all day.

5.1 And Here's Your War

And now, given what large lobbyist groups in cooperation with deep, machine learning analytics outfits are able to do in terms of hyper-specific targeting with hyper-specific pieces of information, all that must be done is an increase in the FREQUENCY and/or INTENSITY with small variances in DIVERSITY of information (small change in issues), really.

5.2 Played Out On The Multi-Planed Battlefield

Plane One: This is the most frequent form of the war being played out--the social media battlefield. "Dislikes" and "Angry Face" emojis pronounce the small-arms fire while inflammatory comments serve as slightly more aggressive sniper shots on target.

You can identify the symbol of a militant devotee for one ideology or another by the "fuck-the-fact-check...that shit is raw infuriating...let's share it immediately" share or re-posts of one of those I.E.D.'s (internet explosive devices) which are lab-constructed at the hands of ill-advised, media coordinators.

Plane Two: This occurs in the minds and bodies of those participating in this war. They can't think about anything else...their relationships are held hostage to this one idea...and most people on this plane generally report a deep internal strife or conflict. Many people live in this plane, with a neuro-psychological state representative of low-level anxiety (Amen, 2009).

Plane Three: This is where we see the social media energy mobilize itself out onto the physical streets lining our towns and cities. People who've never met organize for the first, and in many cases the only time to join the front lines of the war for one side or another out on the streets.

People are slightly more aware of their participation here; and the joined energy can add to the violence that is played out on this most visible and clear plane. But, nearly all of the actions by any of these individuals is under the cover of "group" action. Rarely is "plane three" ever the battlefield of individual operators.

You see humans on this plane activated beyond self-control, taking part in behavior unrecognizable to any past or future versions of themselves. This is "mob mentality" or "group think" maximized. And, the narcissistic, ego-centric, and short-sighted actions of that mentality and thinking also get maximized on this plane.

This plane has now shown to be sensitive and reactive to the social engineering leveraging mechanisms in possession by the people I've mentioned herein. And it's not beyond reason to consider that such leveraging would occur should some one's cause justify to themselves the "goodness" of it.

Plane Four: This is the plane of which I'm most unaware. The players at this level of the game are the lever pullers that activate the social energy flowing through the bodies and minds of the masses. Those who build these systems also exist on this plan. And of course, the people everyone wants to know about...the ultra-elite and elusive grand generals of this first, true World War.

For what intentions people extend their resources and to what distance they're willing to extend them, I am uncertain. Any of us can state our conjectures and theories; but I'm of the mind that any one on whom I'd opine as part of a worldwide conspiracy is also likely opining on the same thing about another person to one degree or another.

6.0 Discussion

To begin, I will address the "chaos & order" symbolism. I use these points of reference to characterize the the two ideologies--the left and the right, liberal and conservative, democrat and republican--only because that representation makes sense on deeper psychological level.

I am not suggesting that a liberal mindset prefers chaos to order or a conservative one order to chaos; and I want to revisit my point that chaos is NOT "bad" or even "worse" than order. It's clear that our very survival is hinged upon the relationship of both, order and chaos.

While his reflections do echo (though don't imply) his sentiments toward order and they do outline the imperfections of the "left" with a sharper tone than those of the "right", Jordan B. Peterson lays out an insightful description of the relationship between order and chaos as well as the importance of it right here:

He is speaking from the clinical psychological perspective that we are innately guided to seek and venture into chaos in order to engage with the unknown.

And it appears that ambitious minds have found it in their favor to exploit this human condition ever more so during the past nine months and will continue to do so until a reason not to outweighs the reasons to persist in waging war while activating citizens all over the world, whether witting or unwitting, as soldiers on a border-less battlefield.

In addition, the tools being used as the weapons in this war--quantum computing and neuroscience--are innovated and evolved month after month and year after year.

As these frequent assaults are carried out over social media they will be intensified at times that are most necessary in order to advance deeper into one enemy's territory or another's. (The territory is made up of the four planes: online, in minds & relationships, in the streets, and in the dungeon at the 'eyes wide shut' party with all the "string-pullers".)

And, as information processing accelerates and computer programming is crafted with more precision, the effectiveness of these weapons will only improve...and in rapid fashion.

6.1 My Final Thoughts

Let's return to the question, "Why aren't companies like Google talking about DeepMind, or why don't you hear about Neuralink as much as you hear about Tesla--both, Elon Musk companies; why doesn't Jeff Bezos and Amazon talk more about Bezos Center for Neural Circuit Dynamics...

Why isn't the general population hearing more about this paradigm-shifting technology that is already affecting human life?

I believe that's just it; it's already affecting human life at a pace not even the scientists can predict.

From where I stand, the innovative minds pioneering into new, revolutionary frontiers of scientific discovery aren't certain of where this exploration leads or to what degree this technology can supercede human potential or when that will happen; they just want to keep going, using their intellect to discover more about human life and likely share their knowledge to help civilization carry on the light of consciousness (Musk, 2015).

Here's one of those innovative minds discussing what he believes is the best method for advancing human civilization into the future. He's altruistic and benevolent in his cause, yet...after hearing what he says, consider the implications of what would happen if this tech got into the wrong hands:

Musk describes a direct and physical hardwiring of neural attachments to your brain in order to access cloud-like information, similar to accessing your mobile device, but rather accessing from your mind instead.

And the reality in which he speaks about this is almost terrifying; which could be why most people don't hear more about this--it can be truly terrifying when you fully understand how powerful this tech is.

And while we don't neuralinked humans who could be activated more directly through the flip of a switch, we are already seeing the effects of this type of tech in the palms of peoples' hands.

And if even if peoples' minds aren't being physically hacked into right now, there is an ever-growing population of simulated actors, known as bots, that are engineered purely for chaos and are indistinguishable from human users (Adams, 2017). LINK TO CITATION HERE

And these bots's objective is to turn you into a bot--no shit--a bot that clicks on this, pushes on that, comments over here, unfriend over there, buy this, read this, watch that, don't vote for him, do vote for her, anyone but her, anyone but him, and on and on it goes.

It's useful to understand that the war is already happening; however; you can choose to participate or not. But first, you have to acknowledge that it's even happening. If you choose to treat this situation as inocuous, social media kid stuff; then I can only hope the best for you.

But, as Moshe Faldenkrais reminds in the Introduction, "Nature is not kind to creatures lacking awareness."

Each day you arise and take on the day on a battlefield that is nearly entirely unguarded, which means you must take it upon yourself to train your mind to identify these weapons when they're present.

The most powerful tool you can use in this war is awareness. Train your awareness to stay attracted to information that serves your higher objectives and be aware when you experience deceptive information.

The tools being leveraged as weapons to influence outcomes are more powerful than anyone imagined. But, as nature and history has told, we humans have a unique, near-magical capacity to adapt.

May this piece of information help you adapt to this new world which appears to be under siege by a new war.

-Jason France

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