Are The Right Prevention Methods Being Discussed?

It's Sunday (July 5, 2020), and as I often do on Sunday mornings I've been reading up on "Things of Interest", as I call them. It's a way to let my mind wander free on random, intriguing issues that attract my attention during the week which really don't have much to do with my professional line work...

But, this morning I've found myself continuing my research on something relevant to ALL OF US--COVID-19; but even more to temper its effects and even prevent it.

The more research I do the more I find myself reading scholarly articles and research papers on Vitamin D, the roles it plays in the human body, and its immuno-modulatory and anti-inlfammatory effects (these turn out to be important).

Vitamin D And Your Immune System

Immuno-modulation offers a more precise response from your "innate" or immediate immune system. For instance, in the case of coronavirus, when your immune system identifies the virus, it deploys a "storm" of cytokines, which generally ward off invading viruses; BUT...coronavirus has shown to be "evasive" to this innate immune response. Here's where things get complex (if not, already) as well as SUPER IMPORTANT.

Because coronavirus evades the cytokine storm, the cytokines then act on your own "host" cells and start to damage them, opening up the door for viral invasion; AND THIS IS WHAT APPEARS TO BE LEADING TO COVID-19.

Now, back to immuno-modulation and Vitamin D...

Vitmain D is known to downregulate the cytokine storm, and better modulate the release so as not to damage your own "host" system. Here are a couple of citations, from thousands I could have pulled from, describing more...

"a large number of well-established data showed antiviral effects of vitamin D, which can interfere directly with viral replication, but also can act in an immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory way", Jakovac, 2020

"Vitamin D has immuno‐modulatory properties, that include downregulation of pro‐inflammatory cytokines, 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 and has been shown to attenuate lipopolysaccharide‐induced acute lung injury...", Panarese, 2020

"...for each standard deviation increase in serum 25(OH)D (that is Vitamin D3)...the odds of having a mild clinical outcome rather than a critical outcome were approximately 19.61 times." Alipio, 2020

These data have been circulating amongst clinicians for a while now--it's not new information. And here is a clear statement from a study telling us how COVID-19 actually occurs...

"COVID-19 is caused, beside the virus virulence by the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines." Ilie, 2020

And again, I could cite and cite and cite all day from numerous other sources the same exact statements of what could be considered a fact: COVID-19 is caused by an over-excited release of cytokines AND Vitamin D downregulates cytokine release.

Where to go from here?

Now, I am not suggesting that Vitamin D will save you from getting COVID-19 nor am I saying it will save your life if you've contracted COVID-19; but, two things are clear to me, one of which is terrifying:

1) There is a direct link between your Vitamin D levels and your body's ability to effectively defend against viral attacks;


2) And, this is what terrifies me; for whatever reason, NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT THIS; and most of the articles I've been reading in scientific journals attend to this mystery silence, as well. More citations...

"I underline that so far there are no reports on the Vitamin D status among affected persons." Jakovac, 2020

"We recommend that all older adults, hospital inpatients, nursing home residents and other vulnerable groups (e.g. thosewith diabetes mellitus or compromised immune function, those with darker skin, vegetarians and vegans, those whoare overweight or obese, smokers and healthcare workers) be urgently supplemented with 20-50µg/d of vitamin D to enhance their resistance to Covid-19, and that this advice be quickly extended to the general adult population." Macartney, 2020

In Summary

Please do not take this as professional medical advice so that I do not get sued. Also, this is not a politically-driven article to discredit what "IS" being said about COVID-19, how it spreads, how you could contract it, or how it could kill someone.

It's not my place to politicize the nature of human beings nor how we interact with nature, which we are a part of, not apart from. But, I do believe there is a lot of useful information and effective courses of action being left out of the discussion about how to improve the human response to coronavirus, as well as how to combat COVID-19 once the virus has transformed.

My personal guidance is that you begin today, if you haven't already, to prepare you body and mind for attacks of all sorts certain to arise in the future. Whether it's a biological virus attacking immunity or organized, deceitful information attacking your must prepare yourself to be able to acknowledge deception, accept responsibility for your actions in spite of it, and then take those actions with precision and persistence.

Much Love. Be Great. And Semper Fi!

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