Didn't You Know? It Applies To You, Too...

You already know you're susceptible to the laws of heat; but what they're not telling you is that our species is dying, not from heat, but from cooling...

With so much fuss about "heat" and global warming being an existential crises; I'm here to tell you the opposite...
It's metabolic cooling that's actually driving our species extinct, not global warming. In fact, global warming is just a side effective of metabolic cooling; but that's for another write-up. 
Let's talk here about how you're affected by and exposed to the cooling problem and what you can do to combat it and take part in saving our species for metabolic wipeout and subsequent extinction.  
At the most fundamental level, your body must generate heat energy.
Without it, your body dies.
But, teach your body to generate heat regularly to the proper temperature points for long enough durations then you:
  • Extend your natural lifespan
  • Improve immunity
  • Slow natural aging process
  • Maintain or improve bone density
  • Loosen and lengthen musculoskeletal system
  • Reduce injury risk by lowering probability and severity
  • Balance nervous system function
  • Contribute to strong evolutionary propagation of our species
And the list goes on. Also, the better your body can generate heat energy and the better your mind can concentrate that energy onto a goal, the more enjoyable your daily interactions with life will become.
This is why a general fitness regime that ensures proper metabolic heat points are hit is so important; so that your metabolism can:
  • Convert blood glucose into energy FAST
  • Mobilize muscle glycogen for conversion EFFICIENTLY
  • Sustain high-enough heat points to combust fat in energy EFFECTIVELY.
The MOST CRITICAL factor for conversion, mobilization, and sustainment of anything is HEAT.
Convert your ideas into reality…you’ll need heat.
Mobilize your body into action…you’ll need heat.
Sustain through adversity…you’ll need a tremendous amount of heat.
The degree to which your body will learn to generate heat is equitable to your willingness to endure it.
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