Do Supplements Work?

And should you use them?

This was a good question five, perhaps even ten years ago. But we shouldn't still be asking it. The science is in. And while they may not be for everybody all of the time...they are for somebody some of the time.

And it's likely you are a somebody some of the time.

Why do we believe in supplementation?

For most people...those who don't participate in an active lifestyle...supplementation and performance nutrition isn't critically important.

But for you, it probably is. Here's why...

If you're training at Suffer City 3 to 5 times a week then your musculo-skeletal system is under high demand and your metabolism is cranking out energy like a furnace.

And in this case, for those of you who DO participate in an active lifestyle, supplementation is useful. For instance...

The proper pre-training supplementation can optimally fuel your body and provide energy boosts at the right times during your training or event.

Some pre-workouts can spike your energy high early in a session then leave you feeling impoverished of energy toward the end. This is not optimal.

Look, your body is going to:

  1. Break down molecules in your body to produce energy, which leaves behind an exhaust product of metabolic waste.
  2. Purge precious nutrients like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium from your body when you breathe heavy and sweat, which will reduce the ability of your cells to communicate.
  3. Reformat, reshape, and reconstruct your musculo-skeletal system, which will bring soreness and stiffness to how you feel.

These three processes alone serve as Level 10 Great reasons to supplement your nutrition with specific nutrients and molecules which serve as reparative, restorative, regenerative, and even preventative measures.

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