Do You Avoid Improving?

Don't Be Wrong Longer Than You Need to Be

Ever run into the same proverbial wall more times than you prefer?

Hey, we all make mistakes...and some mistakes are worth making more than once (haha). But the truth and fact of the matter is, we're all aiming to improve, right?

So then...why are we so averse to hearing feedback about how we can improve?

Perhaps feeback and criticism have become inappropriately entangled or confused for one another? Or could it be that the message of "you're fine just the way you are" isn't such a great message after all?

Look, it doesn't matter from where the criticism originates; even if someone's intent is to hurt you, if a piece of feedback (solicited or not) pushes a button that springs forth a negative pscyhological reaction from within you, it's better to investigate the button instead of reacting to the feedback.

Would you agree that life is complex enough without getting hot and bothered about what you think someone said about you or to you?, instead of thinking about what may have been said, see where the investigation into why it bothers you leads.

Two things are likely to occur as a result of this counter-intuitive process:

  1. You'll create a correction in your behavior
  2. You'll care much less, and perhaps even forget all together about what was said that sparked the inner-investigation in the first place

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