Get It Together


As you integrate back into a regular routine and perhaps even your fitness routine, it's important to attend to how you've been eating...


Now, if it's already together and you can honestly rate your weekly nutrition an 8 out of 10 or better then keep up the good work...But if you haven't been the best caretaker over yourself then it's time to get accountable and take responsibility. 

This is more than about your physique or's even more important than your health. 

How you nourish your body is a representation of your relationship with yourself. 

Now, sure, we all grew up in different environments which has a lot to do with our current eating habits; but we still have both, the ability and responsibilty to learn to improve how we eat. 

In fact, our life is about learning how to better take care of ourselves and others...and the food we eat is a big part of that. 

So, start today! And start by rewarding yourself for any consciously good nutritious choices you've made until now, and then get started on stopping some of the bulls#!% you know is setting you back. 

Make a list, if that helps; and write down what nutrition habits you have that are working for you and which ones need work. 

This is the first step in increasing your self-awareness and paying better attention to what you eat. 

And, If You Need Help

Sometimes a more personalized approach can help you set the foundation for the best pathway forward. 

We are here to help! 

Jason, Danielle, and Monica are all available for nutrition consults and monthly nutrition coaching. 

Reach out today for more information or schedule an initial consult for $65. 

We've each overcome our own struggles with learning to eat better while also learning the fundamentals of effective nutrition and earning our credentials along the way. 

The right information could get you a long way! So, if you're feeling like a personalized, more custom plan could work for you, call today! 


Remember, your nutrition and how you eat says a lot about you. And it's not just a representation of how you look. Your nutrition is a way of relating with and taking care of yourself.

And start today! Improve the relationship with yourself and start eating better :-) 

Your Friends at Suffer City :-)

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