I Mean, Why Even?

Do you ever ask yourself: Why am I doing


I ask myself that same question regularly. 

And by "this", I am referring to exercise and working out.  

I mean, there are the status quo responses: 

  • I want to be healthier. 
  • I'd like to look better. 
  • I'd like to feel better. 

And these are all great and truthful responses; but they only beg more questions: 

  • Healthier for what
  • Look better for what?
  • Feel better for what

For me (Jason), my reasons for exercising and working out aim to answer those "for what" questions. 

Because I, too, used to think I just wanted to be healthier and look & feel better. But, it turns out there was a deeper reasoning why I even started improving myself in the first place. 

It turns out I wanted to be "healthier" so that I can BE PHYSICALLY PRESENT and live longer in the service of the mission I'm on Earth to accomplish. 

I remember watching my dad's health decline during my teenage years. He'd hear me asking every week, "When are you gonna start taking care of yourself?" 

I'd ignore the uncertainty in his responses; but I couldn't ignore his early passing when he was only 36 years young. And 'til this day, I still hear in my mind the countless times he said, "I'll start exercising and eating healthier next week". 

That "next week" never came for my dad, and something about that hit me hard, but it didn't hit me until about 5 years after. Right around 22 years of age I realized that no matter what I wanted in this life, if I don't have my health then my wants don't matter. 

Now, health doesn't mean working out everyday and eating salads every meal while having zero vices or setbacks whatsoever. In fact, "health" may look a little different for each of us, but there are three basic factors we're all in submission to regarding our health

  • Metabolic health: Body's ability to turn stuff into energy
  • Physiological health: Body's ability to transport energy to organs
  • Psychological health: Mind's ability to effectively & accurately relate the mental experience to the physical reality and vice versa

And these factors, while having independent functions, are interdependent on each other; the better one factor is, the more it positively impacts the other two. 

And, it turns out that nothing affects these three factors like regular exercise (it's science); and when that exercise is compounded with nutritious eating, the value of exercise is increased by a factor of 10...that's a 1,000% improvement.

Yes, I own a training center and believe there's no better training formula available to improve metabolic, physiological, and psychological health & wellbeing than Suffer City; but honestly, it's important to me that you just get started...anywhere...any place...just do it NOW. Your health and your future are on the line here...

Next week is not guaranteed. 

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