Ideas Have Consequences

Can we even have the conversation anymore?

I consider how ideas play themselves out over hundreds, and even thousands of years. And I believe that ideas matter.

Now, ideas in mind do not always map onto reality in the manner we hoped they would.

For instance… Sociologists aimed their attention at Scandinavian countries to study gender roles and identify how those roles would play out in a society where opportunity for women were maximized. The sociologists, most of whom identify as liberal and many of whom are female, predicted outright that women would select highly diversified fields such the maths, sciences, and engineering; much as in the same vein as males often do.

Much to their surprise (and disappointment) the results were opposite their predictions; in that, the more opportunity females have to choose professions, careers, and “ways of life” the more different than males their choices tend to be.

**I must state here that this isn’t my idea or even something I’m in support of or “like”, but rather it’s become a “fact” as derived from one of the largest sociological studies in the world and you can read about the study here .

And whether you like it or not, it just “is”.

It’s not to say women won’t be great physicists or men won’t exercise world class nursing skills or bake tasty cakes; it just turns out them masculine humans tend to be attracted toward things and mechanics while feminine humans tend to be attracted towards people and relationships–that’s all; and if you can’t pick up on that in the next conversation you have with a human, then it will help to listen and look more closely.

Now, the idea that these roles and choices are productions of social constructions and/or “proper-nurturing” are delivering the results we are seeing in today’s kids and adolescents; in that they’re ever-less figuring out how to build a life into the future and evermore confused about the possibility that they may be something entirely opposite of what they thought they were.

If I were 15 years old, I’d be far away from deciding upon which field of study I preferred if I were also being told that I still haven’t figured out if I’m a boy or a girl, yet…

Hey, being human is challenging and complex enough, eh?

And now, on top of suggesting that my “sex” is a matter of choice or dependent upon the social pressures upon me, which has this question emerge in my mind: Does how I am treated reconstitute my biological sex organs?

On top of having to ponder such ridiculous ideas like this, it is now being suggested upon Americans and the World at large that “health” is the product of pharmacological intervention, but only as described by political leaders and corporate news outfits.

And so, I just want to be certain about what is being proposed as “ideas” for how our civilization is to proceed into the future: Not only is whether or not I am a man or woman, or male or female nothing more than a construction of social pressures upon me; but now my health is nothing more than a directive imposed upon me as constructed by political and media authority?

Someone help me out here.

Are these the most innovative ideas our leaders have on offer?

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