Is SufferCity Right For You?

Wanna get fit, but don't know what choice to make?

With so many options, you may not even know where to start...

Let us help!

Our mission isn't to be the most popular training brand or pack the most members into a room or to open the most locations on one corner; our primary mission at SufferCity is to:

Provide the most effective training experience imaginable from process to results. And through that aim, we've become the most prestigious small-team training center in Arizona.

However; we realize that everyone is in their own phase in their own process, and not everyone's current phase will include the intensity of a SufferCity Move Session.

Inside Look At A SufferCity Session

We don't fool ourselves into thinking that our training program can solve everyone's health and fitness problems all the time. If we were trying to solve for everything all the time, we'd wouldn't solve anything any of the time.

Therefore, to one degree we must specialize our training to solve specific and unique problems people have been contending with for decades; most notably those problems associated with "Next Level" upgrades and the production of unconventional results in a sustained manner.

For those with a baseline level of health and a willingness to do what it takes, SufferCity is the training program to break through barriers, obstacles, and plateaus you once thought insurmountable.

But, is it right for you?

Well, that comes down to your baseline level of health and willingness to do what it takes.

Your baseline level of health represents a body without dire restrictions of movement or cardiac output. No broken bones, current sprains, casts, or doctor's orders that force reduced impact, limited range of motion, or only low to moderate heart rate generation.

We do serve individuals on a private client basis to address needs below baseline levels of health, but our small-team training program integrates team cooperation under challenging circumstances that could compel one to forgo a doctor's consideration in the service of goal achievement.

With that said, provided you're of a sound baseline level of health then getting started on Next Level upgrades requires only your willingness to overcome the stresses associated with the goal you're aiming to achieve--and those stresses are likely greater than you think they are.

As a Marine Special Operator (Raider), I initially underestimated what was actually required to achieve my goal of becoming a special operator. I thought, at first, that I just had to graduate the hellish courses that branded me a special operator...

I thought I'd learn to shoot with surgical precision, build bombs with accurate payloads, and jump out of airplanes from high in the sky and then I'd be a special operator. But, the truth is, I had to invest more energy every after day...and upgrade my efforts to sustain being a special operator just for that day; and then the next day, it started all over again.

Jason France, Marine Raider

And that's what SufferCity brings to your health and fitness; a training program that is relentless in the sustainment of your best performance...every day, every session.

But again, we realize that not everyone desires such a program. Like the special operations community, I knew that SufferCity would appeal to only 2 percent of the population; but that's a 2 percent that deserves what they're looking for.

And so, if the Next Level upgrade is what you're aiming to achieve with your health and fitness; and you've got an able body (simple terms, if you're not injured) and the willingness to do what it takes...then SufferCity IS FOR YOU!

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