Jesus Wants You To Know

Your Physical Body Is Also a Representation of Your Faith


As you know, throughout history there have been ideas and concepts put forward as ways of getting along in this world with a little less un-necessary suffering; and few appear to be as effective as the Story of Christ along with the teachings of Jesus.

And what is this lesson, or do I perceive this lesson in the importance of God retrieving the body of Christ from Earth--the Resurrection?

LESSON: Your physical body matters...and even more so, what you do with your physical body matters.

I attract from this lesson that it's not enough to profess your faith with uttered words and passive expressions in their socially accepted forms--it appears people measure their faith these days by the amount of content they post claiming the depth of their faith.

To merely say, "I believe..." is not enough. Even to follow along with the socially accepted forms of exercised "faith" and "belief" is not enough. It would appear, in this critical chapter of Jesus' story, that the body in the form of action must move in the direction of your faith. What does that mean?

Again, from my perspective, it means that you must ACT on the side of FAITH in "MOMENTS" when FEAR barters for the choice-making authority in your mind--or call it your soul, if you wish. It means you must DO that which SCARES you in the service of what your GOD has designed for you.

And, the beauty of this lesson is how immediately evident its truth is. For when we succumb to the seductions of fear and doubt and curate our physical bodies in comfort, safety, and familiarity we are left to the mindful company of a weaker self which could be religiously identified as 'the Devil'.

And much like any force of energy, when you give-in to the seductions of the 'the Devil', you strengthen that force; making it more difficult to overcome the next time that "MOMENT" strikes.

So, in the service of that which we identify as "good" or "Christ-like" or "enlightened" or other terms used to denote acts serving humanity...may the action of our bodies serve as tools of our faith in whatever God we align with so that our mouths may echo the love we have for one well as enjoy the occasional donut ;-)

Much Love. Happy Easter. Be Great.

And Semper!


ACT: to express thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and faith through physical movement
Example: To sense hunger then believing that something will satisfy your hunger then ultimately moving yourself to a source for your hunger to be satisfied.

FAITH: the belief in something or someone without evidences of their phyiscal existence
Example: To hear from a friend or read in an article about the utility of air travel in terms of how useful it can be in making your life better and then proclaiming that you believe that air travel is safe and effective though you haven't taken your first ride on a plane.

BELIEF: how one behaves as a result of their faith
Example: You probably aren't intimately aware of the physical evidence proving jet-propulsion and the laws of thermodynamics, but you still get on a plane and sit in a chair floating 30,000 feet above the ground because you believe it will work.

MOMENTS: instances in time during which you're aware of your personal ability to exercise a willful choice in one direction or another
Example: You consider going on a flight to visit your family, but as you begin to bard your flight you consider all the terrible things that could happen and how uncomfortable that makes you, and then compare that to the best things that could happen and how that makes you feel. In this moment, you're aware of your're aware of your're aware of your faith in air travel...and you're aware of what you stand to gain; this is a conscious moment in which you are actively involved in the creation of your future by your choice of either fear or faith.

FEAR: Un-calculated ideas about anything casting risk on a situation from which you stand to gain
Example: As you stand in line awaiting to board your flight you imagine your plane crashing, you're loved ones hearing of your death, and all the things you'll miss out on if your plane crashes. As you know from evidences of reality, the likelihood of your plane crashing is minimal, yet your ideas cater to the least likely, imaginative possibilities--this is fear.

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