One Thing that Does Everything

"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing."

-Steven Covey

This is a mindset. Being able to keep the main thing the main thing is what drives performance and ultimately enriches your life.

Here's the deal; what most often stops people from achieving success is they try too many things at once--they have too many targets. Keeping track and aiming at several targets at once can blur your vision, pull you off your aim entirely, and eventually wear you down into old habits.

This is why you narrow your focus down onto one single thing.

And once you've chosen that one thing as "the" thing, then it becomes your main thing to keep that thing the main thing.

The beauty in harnessing this mindset is that you develop a better value system for how you spend your time, energy, and money. Because you have an intrinsic guide that helps you make choices based upon the value you assign them, you make choices with less hesitation and with more confidence.

Also, and more you continually focus your energy on that main thing, you will naturally complete tasks and objectives in support of it. The best part; almost all of these tasks and objectives were part of the "everything all at once" plan you had in place before. Only you didn't have a value system set in place that helped you choose which things to do in what order.

Look, your brain works better when you give it instructions. And the more clear, concise, and compelling the instructions, the more likely your brain will help you complete those tasks, whatever they may be.

So...stop giving your brain a bunch of sets of partial instructions with foggy details and conflicting directives. Set your mind to one, single MAIN THING. And then make it your main thing to keep the main thing the main thing.

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