Our Position On Prices And Promotions

We are a health and fitness company dedicated to delivering the greatest training experience imaginable coupled with the best results possible in the fitness marketplace. That's what we do and that's what we are known for; and we're happy to be known for that. 

To be clear, we're NOT in the marketplace to be least-expensive, most-promoted, or even the most-popular brand in fitness. However, we will be the most prestigious brand, recognized for temerity, authenticity, and humility

  • TEMERITY: Yes, we believe we are the best at what we do; and we're proud of that fact. And, as such, we act as if we are the best. We are confident in our product because we know it works; and we're aware that, in this world, it's difficult to make things that work.

    And so, if you experience our prices as "too high" or even us as "over-confident"; that's because the price for things that actually work always seem "too high" and we are, in fact, "over-confident", but that's only because we over-deliver, too.
  • AUTHENTICITY: And you'll experience the full value of us over-delivering in a real life training session. Your interest and intrigue isn't dampened by your experience at Suffer City; but rather, your expectation of every training session you have thereafter is heightened.

    From the moment you take first steps into our training center you'll experience the difference of what a world class training facility with world class results looks and feels like. No gimmicky colors. No flashy bright lights. No bubblegum energy "trying" to motivate you…

    What you sense and feel in your first session at Suffer City is the truth that's been missing from every training session you've had until then. You'll wonder where this feeling has been your whole life and you'll know why we're over-confident in prices--because we just over-delivered on experience.
  • HUMILITY: Yes, we also know that better is possible; so, we promise to work harder to deliver an even better experience next time. In fact, we won't quit and we will never give up on enriching how you experience health and fitness. 

Maybe you'll save a thousand bucks over the year with another less expensive and less effective program; but at the end of the year, you'd be willing to spend double, even triple that to get the results you would've had if you'd just started at Suffer City in the first place. 

So, I say, spend the money now...you work hard for it; what better investment is there than yourself? And save yourself the time, the headaches, and the personal pain and anguish of NOT GETTING THE RESULT you want.. 

The choice is yours...Suffer once with us; or suffer all the time with someone else.

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