The REAL Benefit Of Training At Suffer City: According To Doctors

With so much happening this year it's becoming hard to stay focused on one thing at time; which could create a mental fog, or even a mental struggle as opposing forces battle for your attention.

And with the mental fog we can lose our sense of meaning about nutrition, training, even our health and fitness all together. When things lose their meaning, we tend to pay less attention to them...

But, there's a way to keep your focus and attention on what matters most while also improving your heart and brain health along with your general sense of well-being...

It's called a Suffer City Training Session.

Numerous studies agree that contending with physical challenges in which your mentally-focused and socially-engaged with others improves one's self-awareness, reduces anxieties, and increases cognitive perceptions (Ratey, 2009) CLICK FOR LINK.

While traditional exercise improves physical functionality of your body--which produces secondary mindful (psychological) benefits--the technologies of intra-team cooperation with inter-team competition innovated by Suffer City boosts physical output, which:
  1. Accelerates physique enhancements
  2. Increases metabolic health

That's why you'll recognize physique transformations right away at Suffer City--you will have never worked harder. But just as important, if not more important is the HOLISTIC functionality of your whole body AND mind.

Working alongside others and bearing the weight of suffering with a team builds a sense of community within you. And this is what creates the sense of meaning and value in a Suffer City Training Session.

Call us today and participate in your first Suffer City Session...and become the number one participant in the transformation you deserve:


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