Unhealthy is Bad for the Environment?

How wrong have we been about health and the climate? And is our wrong-ness just accelerating our race to "end times"? 

Let's look at the myth of subsidizing these two crises and talk about what you can do today to be the change we all wish to see in the world.

Over $8.3 trillion was spent on “healthcare” throughout the world in 2018 alone. And over $50 trillion is committed to climate over the next 20 or so years…

However, as the costs and investments in healthcare and climate increase year over year, the results just get worse and worse

Now, I could go on about how healthcare and climate solutions are great ways for hegemonic global powers to convince you to pay higher taxes and give up your personal rights and national sovereignty; but I’ll stick to things we can control here--and trying to control global ideologists with inexhaustible resources is futile

Here’s What You Can Control

Now, it’s known that regular exercise and a mindful approach to healthy eating improves the shape and tone of your body and mind. But what’s not talked about, EVER, is how it is good for the environment, too

Everything from your respiration of gasses to your thermal heat signature is good for plants and the biological life that surrounds us. We hear all the time about how bad CO2 is for the air, but that’s in relation to ethanol gas carbon emissions from tailpipes. 

The CO2 you exhale doesn’t just burn the fat off your body, but it’s also the fuel-source for plants to interact with sunlight to convert it into sugar for its own nourishment, a.k.a. photosynthesis. 

And so, when you’re exercising, “yes” you’re helping export useless toxins, fat molecules, and waste material from your biological body, but you’re also helping plants grow which produces more of the clean air you need to breathe while exercising–it’s a true circle of life process

We’ve been subsidizing the deterioration of our bodies and our planet since certain agencies and entities have realized how quickly regular folks like you & I will agree to increased taxes and a reduction in personal liberties in exchange for the illusion of better health and a cleaner environment.   

And so when we hear about things like “healthcare for all” or “save the planet” initiatives, we get excited about being part of real change; but after those initiatives have been processed and we’re left only with their results, it’s clear that those initiatives are only as useful as the paper they’re written on. And let’s not even talk about where all that money actually ends up…

Listen, the best investment you can make for the health of your body as well as for the health of the climate is the investment in regular movement (exercise) and eating well. 

And don’t wait until it’s too late. Like the planet, your body’s resources will one day be tapped. So start today to create the change we’re all looking for–healthier bodies in a healthier environment. 

Thank you for your time and support. Leave any questions in comments or contact Suffer City today to learn more. 

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