You Are What You Are

But, What Are You?

Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands

It's through Suffer City that I put faith in several biological principles; one of which is the S.A.I.D. Principle. In basic terms, it states that you, as do all biological systems, form adaptations of certain functions dependent on the demand(s) to which you're regularly exposed.

Now, if the demand ceases to exceed the perceived limitation of the biological system then the system ceases to develop beyond the limitation.

In fact, another principle supports the S.A.I.D. Principle; it's known as the Overload Principle. This states that you must stress a system adequately beyond its perceived limitation in order to develop, grow, and strengthen said system through the process of super-compensation.

Our programming is designed to drive you to the fringe of your perceived limitations in a manner that promotes optimized super-comensatory responses in terms of performance (strength, endurance, speed, and range of motion) and physique.

This is why our members no longer question whether or not they're doing the work--they're seeing the results every day. And they're seeing those results in different ways.

Look, the truth is...we can strengthen, harden, tone, sculpt, and condition bodies better than anyone in the business; but our special sauce is the way in which we empower our community with a winner's mindset.

Many of our community members are athletes that simply went through a period in their life where they forgot they were athletes. This is the pervasive mindset of a culture of moderation--we forget what it takes to win.

Too many people have lost their competitive spirit...they've stopped doing their best and have thus, stopped being their best. So what happens? The demand they expose themselves to flattens out and no longer "overloads" them, which curtails the possibility of the super-compensatory response that ultimate strengthens and develops the person.

What does this mean?

It means, don't give up on yourself. While we're not all biology, we do happen to be composed of the best parts of it; and it's your adaptive nature I am encouraging you to put your faith into here.

If you're not getting what you want in life then put yourself in front of the things you've been avoiding, which you also happen to know will get you what you want. By doing this, not just once, but again and again and again...your entire system--from psychological to biological--transforms and adapts to these new stress demands, at which point you've upgraded your system.

This is what we teach at Suffer City; we teach people about their adaptive nature and capacity to overcome greater and greater challenges through the super-compensatory responses to the demands imposed upon them during training. And this is why one of our core mottos is "Adapt + Overcome".

To us here at Suffer City, "Adapt + Overcome" is more than a catchy's an understanding of the human system's unique capacity to self-govern its own adaptations.

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Thanks for your support. Be great.

Semper Fi!

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